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Sunflower oil Distributors in Chennai

Sunflower Oil Distributors in Chennai

Kumar Agro aims to reach every destination in and around India to efficiently and effectively cover all the distributors who wish to see a stepping stone towards a successful business. We are focusing on giving maximum opportunities to retailers who wish to cover maximum retail outlets. Within a relatively short span, Kumar Agro has generated revenue of over Rs 600 crore. Our key strength lies in our innovative approach and a structured cost-control mechanism, and with the support of an able and talented management team, we are operating towards achieving revenue of Rs 1000 crore before 2020. Hence we are planning to expand our business territory by welcoming maximum distributors who wish to grow with us.

As there are ample beneficial factors in SunRight refined sunflower oil, we are planning to deliver a better solution to all your health goals with the perfect alternative. Visit our website for more details.

SunRight Refined Sunflower Oil wishes to encourage the distributors to reach maximum retail outlets as there will be a definite high demand for the oil because of its pure and visible qualities. With a large processing capacity and with the brand name as the only oil company with Agmark makes us stand out from the other oil manufacturers. With a perfect factory system and with proper industrial ethics we are sure to give a helping hand to the distributors who can expect timely order and delivery.

We have an outstanding record of our successful journey in our business archives. We not only produce oil but also we focus on giving ample opportunities to people who wish to have a kick start to their business dreams. we are the best cooking refined sunflower oil distributors who wish to supply and export bulk sunflower oil to retail distributors at wholesale price.

Why Choose SunRight Distributions

Kumar Agro products is in the field of oil sector for 30+ years

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Within short period of time Kumar Agro generated revenue of over Rs 150 crore and operating towards achieving 1000 crore by 2020.

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It contains alpha-linolenic acid ( which is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid) which reduces inflammation caused due to arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and cardiovascular disorders.

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Well equipped and well maintained factory set-up to hygienically process sunflower oil production

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The only Agmark guaranteed refined sunflower oil that is manufactured with latest technology and certified processing.

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A mild flavour oil with high smoke point which makes it great for deep-frying, high temperature cooking and other oil based cooking.

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It has a proven record of containing lesser amount of antioxidants compared to other sunflower refined oils.

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It’s a healthy source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that has a positive effect on weight loss goals.

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Sunright oil is known for it’s natural sweetness which makes it ideal for baking and sauteed dishes.

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What Makes SunRight Oil Unique

Refined Sunflower Oil in Chennai

Processing capacity of 150 tons per day

The only Agmark guaranteed refined sunflower oil

ISO 9001:2015  certification

In operation since 1990

High smoke point oil

Best for high temperature cooking

Best for baking because of its mild flavor and natural sweetness

Contains alpha-linolenic acid (a kind of omega-3 fatty acid),

Healthy source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats

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