Sunflower oil Facts

Sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant sunflower. Daniel (1979), was estimated sunflower-seed oil because the second largest production of any edible oil within the world. oil is light yellow oil which is like minded to be used as a salad and vegetable oil, good grades of the oil are refined with low loss (Eckey, 1954). Total unsaturation of the oil is comparable to soybean oil and also the linolenic found in vegetable oil lacking in vegetable oil, an indisputable fact that is to the benefits of the oil when used as a food. Typically up to 90% of the fatty acids in conventional sunflower-seed oil are unsaturated, namely oleic (C 18:1, 16-19%) and linoleic (C 18:2, 68-72%) fatty acids. Palmitic (C 16:0, 6%), stearic (C 18:0, 5%) and minor amounts of myristic (C 14:0), myristoleic (C 14:1), palmitoleic (C 16:1), arachidic (C 20:0), behenic (C 22:0) and other fatty acids account for the remaining 10% (Skoric et al., 2008).

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Pezzuto and Park (2002) reported that lipid oxidation is taken into account a principal mean of degradation within the quality of foodstuffs imparts rancid and undesirable flavors to fat products, generates reactive oxygen species, which are linked to carcinogenesis, inflammation, aging and cardiovascular disorders.

Oils and fats packing a substantial factor prevents oils and fats during handling and storage from contamination by dirt, infestation of insects, rodents or microorganisms and loss or gain of moisture, odor or flavor (Daniel, 1979; Ngassapa and Othman, 2001).

It was reported that material in containers is a vital factor to stop oils and fats from deterioration (Bhatia and Rao, 1959). Aluminum tinned, iron or stainless-steel containers were recognized like minded for nearly all kinds of edible oils and fats containers. In contrast, zinc, plain iron, black flat solid or galvanized irons containers were reported to drastically harm the shelf-life of oils and fats. Generally, it absolutely was well-known that the glass containers rank the premier of all kinds of containers but their cost and difficulty in handling reduce their wide use.

Several factors accelerate rancidity of oils and fats: (a) exposure to heat and light-weight, (b) moisture and (c) by the presence of traces of certain metals e.g., copper, nickel and iron (Daniel, 1979). Whereas, the oxidation of oils and fats was reported to be led to by: (a) bacterial action, (b) enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis and oxidation and (c) direct chemical attack by oxygen of the air (Hartly, 1967). Other studies incriminated many factors that affecting oils and oilseeds oxidative stability: (a) atmospheric oxygen, (b) light (Schultz et al., 1962; Sattar and de Man, 1975), (c) temperature (Canvin, 1965; Fernandez-Martinez, 1974) and (d) moisture (Richard et al., 2005). it’s been reported that there are three forms of deterioration of oils and fats during storage: (1) Oxidation: It requires oxygen faster at warmth and accelerated by contact with copper or copper containing alloys, other metals like iron also includes a catalytic effect though but of copper, (2) Hydrolysis: The breakdown of fats to fatty acids was found to be promoted by the expansion of microorganisms within the presence of water and free fatty acids also promote hydrolysis and (3) Contamination: it’s from residues of a previous material handled within the equipment, from dirt, rain, or sea water or through the accidental addition of various product (Berger, 1986).

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