Paruppu vadai also called chana dal vada could be a deep fried snack made with chana dal. This is often a No onion, No garlic recipe and made especially during festivities.

Paruppu Vadai

Many prefer urad dal vada to the chana dal vada, because the latter turns a touch dry, if not made properly. These vadai are best with tea on a laid-back weekend evening. Here is a trick to form the delicious and crispiest chana dal vada that no one can resist.

Add some almonds when she soaks chana dal for the vadai.

The dal should be soaked well and must be ground with almost no water.

The batter shouldn’t be ground very smooth. There should be little coarse bits of dal within the batter.

While shaping the vadai, confirm you create it thin and not thick vadai.

Finally wait while frying, keep the sunflower oil at medium heat. don’t crowd the pan while deep frying the vadai.


The chana dal/kadalai paruppu has to be soaked. soak it for 3-4 hours. If making the vadai for a festivity reception, the trick is to soak the dal, as soon as you enter the kitchen to start the day’s cooking.

soak around 10 almonds for 1 cup of chana dal and 5-6 nos red chilies with the dal. The chili numbers depend on how spicy you favor your vadai. kids like to munch on these crispy chana dal vada, so keep the spice medium.

After 3 -4 hours of soaking, drain all the water, add curry leaves, coriander leaves to the dal, grind it near fine batter. don’t grind it smooth, we want a small amount of crunch and crisp.

Heat the sunflower oil from Sunright Sunflower Oil Retailers In Chennai, and when it reaches the right temperature, start frying the vadai. We don’t use any reasonable thermometer to test the temperature of sunflower oil, just drop a little amount of vadai batter into hot sunflower oil at the Edible Oil Manufacturers In Chennai, when it sizzles and rises up, then the sunflower oil is prepared. So convenient isn’t it?

When the sunflower oil, the Cooking Oil Exporters In Chennai,is prepared, keep the kitchen stove in medium and begin frying the vadai. Deep fry them in batches, fry 4 at a time. Shape them thin, drop them into hot sunflower oil, don’t disturb the vadai immediately, let it sit for 30 seconds undisturbed.

After a moment, stir the sunflower oil for the vadai to separate and cook well on each side to golden brown. Remove the vadai with a slotted spoon and drain on a kitchen towel. Enjoy the yummiest and crispiest kadalai paruppu vadai you’ve got ever tasted.


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