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Get to Know What is Special about Sunflower oil

What is the source of sunflower oil?

Sunflower oil is produced from the seeds of sunflowers. It is made by pressing the seeds to extract the oil.

Why is sunflower oil good for diet?

Sunflower oil releases unsaturated fat and it works on the body by replacing the bad saturated fats which is not good for health. Many people do not know the actual meaning of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid. Which makes them ignore the facts attached to the refined sunflower oil.

Unsaturated fat: It is a type of fat that contains high proportion of fatty acid molecules with at least one double bond, its a healthiest form of fatty acid that is good for diet than the saturated fatty acid.

Saturated fat: It is a type of fat that raises the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood that increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

By consuming food cooked from refined sunflower oil your are getting into the safe zone, it reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol which gets deposited in the arteries that leads to heart disease.

Why sunflower oil works amazingly in protecting heart?

The important factor behind it’s protecting nature is that, it does not possess cholesterol, it does not contain saturated fats, it is purely rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid and it’s fully loaded with Vitamin E, which makes it the best choice for cuisine.

Oleic acid:

Research suggest that Oleic acid reduces various types of inflammation and it has healthful effect on genes that is linked to Type 2,3,4,5 of Cancer.

Linoleic acid:

It plays a vital role in supporting the health of the heart. A randomized research report shows that when saturated fat is replaced with linoleic acid it reduces the entire presence of LDL cholesterol ( Low density Lipoproteins).

The above mentioned details are some of the important benefits related to healthy living. Sunflower oil is not only composed of providing a nutritional alternative to health alone, but also it works magically with skin. Though sunflower oil posses these qualities we can’t be sure whether the brands available in our market stick on to the quality by delivering sunflower oil in its purest form. There are only few brands that brings refined sunflower oil in it’s healthiest form to your plates, the remaining categories follow adulteration and mixing of cheap edible oils to make it look like sunflower oil.

If we choose to be smart we can definitely rule out the oil that is manufactured by scams. Sunright refined sunflower oil is the only oil in the Industry with Agmark trade mark for its purity and clear visibility. Every kitchen needs a cooking pal who cares for the well being of the family and it has to be your oil, as we can never cook without it. Choosing the right oil can make wonders to your health and can definitely yield positive results to your health goals.

Wishing for a hearty and happy life is a common thing, but the steps taken towards achieving it matters. Choose your steps wisely with the best cooking oil and give your family the gift of long life!

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