Healthiest Cooking Oil in Chennai

Buy purest refined sunflower oil to be in fine fettle

Using oil for cooking dishes is a mandatory thing. It not only adds taste to the food but it also adds essential nutrients to keeps us strong and healthy for the long run. Of all the edible oil, Sunflower oil stands unique because of its pertaining quality and the presence of a good amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats combined with good aroma. As there is a constant demand for refined sunflower oil because of its affordable price and innumerable health benefits, there are various cases that has been reported on scams on sunflower oil, which is done by adulterating and mixing cheap oils like Palm oil, castor oil and other inedible oils which are certainly injurious to health.

A refined premium quality sunflower oil can be identified by its color. It will be mostly light yellow colored oil with high amount of linoleic acid that washes out unwanted cholesterol in the arteries of the heart. But when Palm oil is mixed with sunflower oil it cannot be found as it blends simply well with every edible oil. Palm oil contains more saturated fatty acids which is not good for diet and healthy eating. Some mix castor oil with refined sunflower oil which is very dangerous as it causes diarrhea and dehydration which may lead to electrolyte imbalance and adding paraffin to oil is hazardous as it contains carcinogen.

Sunflower oil must be consumed in its purest form, when consumed after mixing and adulteration it will certainly raise health issues. 1 liter of sunflower oil is prepared from 6 kgs of Sunflower seeds. As this is the case with manufacturing refined sunflower oil, the quantity of oil that is produced is less and the raw material used for the production. Hence the possibility of mixing other edible oils to sunflower oil is high as the main aim of the producers is to make more profit out of it. But it is not like every sunflower oil production releases adulterated oil, there are few oil manufacturers who stick on to the ethical value of delivering purest refined sunflower oil. One among which is Sunright refined sunflower oil, and it is the only Refined sunflower oil in the industry with Agmark imprinted by Government of India.

As a potential buyer, everyone has to be careful in selecting a fine refined sunflower oil. This is possible only if we attain thorough knowledge on sunflower refined oil and the adulteration methods related to it. As the health of the entire family lies in choosing the right cooking oil, it is important to read the ingredients behind the pack of the sunflower oils. Sunright sunflower oil is posses the purest form of sunflower oil with no mixing of any other edible oil. It is also best as an Anti-foam and Antioxidant that makes oil safe and sustainable. If an oil produces the highest amount of foam then it is definitely adulterated.
A good sunflower oil must have high smoking point and must be best suitable for high-temperature cooking. Using the purest form of refined sunflower oil does not alter the ingredients because of high level of heat, it always remains the same.
Before we spend our money on things that are related to health and happiness it is necessary that we gain enough information before buying it.

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