best cooking oil for health in chennai

Smart Choice for a Smart Family

Shopping for grocery is an entertaining job !. Though we try to purchase good products from the store, we cannot buy a product that proves to be a hefty imprint of Mother’s nature. Sunright refined sunflower oil helps you get the feel of making a wise choice. The choice you take must be immensely rewarding rather than being a catastrophic consequence. As we produce clearly hygienic with cent percent eco-friendly farm cultivated sunflower seeds, pressed under factory set up , we are sure to provide you with nature’s virgin pure sunflower oil. We always want our customer to enjoy nature’s gift at an affordable cost and standard quality.

For more than 2 decades, Kumar Agro products have been changing the perspectives of the people who were hesitant to use products made from sunflower, because of the falsified rumors on sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. sunflower oil is a trans fat free-, low in saturated fats, rich in antioxidants and it also contains vitamin-rich essential fatty acids. Sunflower oil is also a great source of Vitamin E . One tablespoon of Sunflower oil contains 40 % of daily needed vitamins.

No chemicals are used to refined Sunright refined sunflower oil and we narrow downed the treatments that would take away the healthy content of it. We Make sure that we deliver a pack of healthy cooking oil on every purchase. Through our journey as the best oil industrialist, we have been making a steady record of positive feedback and happy customers. Our product has uplifted the business scope of numerous distributors and retailers who are satisfied and profited by Sunright refined sunflower oil.

Our refined sunflower oil is not handmade and it is completely factory made with thorough hygienic processing methods with man powers supervising every step carefully. Sunflower oil is the only oil with a high smoke point which makes frying and deep frying easier and healthy.

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