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Sunflower oil is a Keto friendly oil

No soul on earth lives unaware of Keto diet, which is actually a short form of ketogenic (keto) diet. It is shocking and amazing to find people dropping pounds and inches of weight by following keto diet without even counting the calories of food in taken, also they do not keep track of their daily intakes. If you chose to reduce weight by following keto diet, then choose your cooking oil cleverly in order to do justice to your diet rules. Are you using vitamin-rich refined sunflower oil or any other oil, without knowing the consequence it could cause on your health?

A brief note on keto diet:
It is a high-fat diet that helps people drop kilograms of weight at a stretch. It is possible by totally and drastically reducing the carbohydrate and sweet intakes and by replacing it with fats. This process puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. By doing this you are actually preparing your body to become unbelievably efficient at burning fat.

Things to intake to follow keto diet:
If you want to follow keto diet, then you have to say no to sugary foods, fruits, beans, root vegetables, condiments/ sauces, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and some sugar-free diet foods. Instead, you are supposed to take meat, fatty fish,eggs, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, avocados, and low-carb vegetables.

Healthy oils for Keto diet:
Sunflower oil can be your best partner in following the keto diet effectively. Sunright refined sunflower oil can be a best cooking oil to follow a healthy keto diet. A keto friendly cooking oil must have the following characteristics.

It must be natural:
Avoid using oil that is produced through chemical extraction & high heat industrial processes. Your cooking oil should be an adulteration-free oil and must be naturally pure and hygienic. Sunright refined sunflower oil does not use any chemicals during the extraction of oil from the seed and it makes it perfect for the keto diet.

It must be a cold – pressed oil:
During the refining process, most of the oils are processed with high heat and that damages the omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids. Hence a cold-pressed processed cooking oil is the best for the keto diet as it retrieves good fats.

It must be a NO-carb oil:
Sunright refined sunflower oil has Zero carbohydrates and this makes it best for the keto diet.

It must contain healthy fats:
The cooking oil that you use for keto diet must have good fat instead of containing bad fats. For example, a sunflower seed contains good fat and ice cream or butter contain bad fats. As sunflower oil contains more of good fats like monounsaturated & it is good for the Keto diet and Sunright refined sunflower oil is very best in bringing good fats to your table.

Low/ Minimal processing:
Some of the cooking oil industry follows more than once processing of seeds, but Sunright refined sunflower oil is produced by pressing the seeds only once.Though more pressing of seeds increases oil yields, we prefer to deliver high-quality, virgin pure and visible oil.

Sunflower oil is always the best for keto diet and it fulfills all the requirement of keto diet. Refined sunflower oil is more suitable for keto diet than coconut oil, pure olive oil. Try Sunright refined sunflower oil that contains a significant amount of good fats and it is also gluten -free, farm fresh, high -quality and virgin pure.

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